Laser Treatments

We use lasers for hair removal, tattoo removal, acne scar treatments, and sunspot removal in our Buford office. Lasers are also used for aesthetic procedures, such as skin resurfacing, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction.

Aesthetic Laser Treatments

The Advanced Regenerative Therapy Buford location offers fractional picosecond laser treatments using the PicoSure Laser. It’s the first and only picosecond laser cleared by the FDA for the removal of tattoos, benign skin pigmentations, and acne scars. We also use this laser as indicated for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

Tattoo Removal

The PicoSure laser uses short bursts of energy to break up tattoo ink without damaging the surrounding skin. This makes it an effective treatment for all colors of tattoo ink, including difficult-to-treat green and blue inks, as well as sunset colors like red and orange.

Tattoo removal usually takes place over the course of several sessions, with each session spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The number of treatments you’ll need depends on the size, location, and color of your tattoo, as well as your body’s natural ability to heal.

Sun Spot Removal

Sun spots, acne scars, age spots, and other benign pigmented lesions can be removed quickly, easily, and effectively with laser treatments for skin in our Atlanta area office. The PicoSure’s unique technology delivers a series of short bursts of energy that cause the pigment in the lesion to break up and be eliminated by the body. This procedure can help improve the overall look of your skin by restoring a youthful glow and achieving a more uniform appearance.

Skin Tightening

Laser therapy can also be used for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. The Picosure laser uses fractional technology to create thousands of tiny micro-abrasions in the skin, which triggers the body’s natural healing process. As the skin heals, new collagen is produced, resulting in tighter, smoother skin that looks and feels younger.

Skin Resurfacing

Get Non-Surgical Skincare with Laser Technology

Laser skin resurfacing is a procedure that uses lasers to improve the appearance of the skin. It improves the texture of facial skin by using lasers to destroy dead cells and stimulate new cell growth. The laser beam is applied to the skin, where it removes the top layer of damaged skin. This layer is then replaced with new, healthy skin.

Laser Hair Removal With Thermal Q-Switch Candela

Tired of shaving, plucking, and waxing? Laser hair removal is a fast and effective solution for unwanted hair. Using state-of-the-art laser technology, we target specific areas of facial and body hair with precision. The result is long-lasting hair removal with smooth and healthy skin.

Advanced Regenerative Therapy in Buford uses an advanced Thermal Q-Switch Laser for hair removal in our Northeast Georgia office.

Backed by decades of industry-leading innovation in laser-based aesthetic technology, Q-Switch Lasers are more effective than most IPL hair removal lasers. This treatment delivers consistent results. And with dynamic cooling, they’re also more comfortable, for faster, easier laser hair removal sessions.

Laser Hair Removal Areas

We offer permanent hair reduction for patients of all skin types, including those with coarse, thin, or fine hair. Schedule laser hair removal for your:

  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Bikini area
  • Chest
  • Face
  • Chin
  • Eyebrows
  • Legs

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At Advanced Regenerative Therapy in Buford, we understand that no two patients are alike. That’s why we personalize each laser hair removal treatment to ensure optimal results. We’ll also provide you with aftercare instructions to help keep your skin looking its best after treatment.

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